Movie Theatres – How High Tech Are They Getting?

When it comes to seeing a new film, you obviously want to see it at a great movie theatre. The best movie theatres aren’t always going to be apparent, as some of them will be ones that you’ve never even heard of – local movie theatre chains have a tendency to bite off more than they can chew. If you’re a fan of Cineplex, you’ll find a movie theatre in just about every single city you could consider; but it’s how high tech these movie theatres are getting that has most people shocked. Many movie theatres used to feel cramped, stuffing seats wherever possible and even having a front row that has people cranking their necks trying to watch the film. These days, you can pay a little extra and get to watch a movie in “VIP theatres”. These are theatres that feature full-fledged restaraunts in some cases, as well as bars and the ability to sell liquor/alcohol. They can do this because these theatres require you to be 19+ in order to purchase a ticket, which makes sense, seeing as they serve alcohol!

They not only give you the option to see these movies in a more entertaining environment, but the seats and the seating layout is much more comfortable. The seats are comfier and feature a leather finish to them, and the layout of the theatre doesn’t stuff seats wherever possible – instead, they focus on fincding angles where everybody can watch the movie in peace. Even if you find yourself in the back most corner of the theatre, the film is going to look the same to you as it does anybody else.

You can use an application on your phone to order food from your seat, or even just put the order in before you’ve even gotten to your seats themselves. These theatres do cost a bit more to visit, but it’s well worth it all in the end. If you’ve ever been in a situation where a movie is ruined by the people around you (as in, the strangers you come across in the regular theatres), you may want to focus your attention towards the VIP experience. While it isn’t oing to be available in every single movie theatre that you visit, it’s still going to be an option in most of the chains we have to this day.

It’s all about improving the movie experience, and in some cases, it coudl call for moving seats. Sometimes it’s referred to as “4D Movie”, and it’s where you watch the movie while sitting in a chair that jumps around during action scenes. Is it fun? Most definitely, but it’s best watched when you don’t have a full bag of popcorn to eat.

Whatever you want to do with your movie experience is solely up to you as an individual, but you need to know that there are luxurious options to be had out there. Don’t waste your money on a lackluster experience!