Breakdancing is Back – This 90’s Trend Seems Like It Never Left!


Dancing in general will always be something that we do, considering the fact that dancing has been a part of human behaviour ever since the dawn of recorded history. There are cave drawings that depict early humans dancing and celebrating, so we know that music has always been a part of our universe. Does this mean that aliens would probably get a kick out of breakdancing as well? Maybe they would be Rock n’ Roll enthusiasts, or maybe they prefer Hip Hop? In any case, this article is going to talk about breakdancing, and how it’s finally making a major come back.

Some would say that breakdancing never left, because there is always an underground circuit for thigns of this nature. It’s like graffiti or even extreme sports (rollerblading and soap shoes, eat your heart out!), in the sense that there will always be somebody doing it. It may not be as many people as there once were, but that’s like anything in life. You think people are still going to the clube and doing “The Hustle”? Everything has its time, but thankfully, breakdancing is coming back for a second round. Fads come back every now and then, because we like to relive our past. It’s great to have the nostalgic feeling, especially since time is always moving forward. If we could move time backwards, it’s almost a certainty that we would! Seeing as humans have the tendency to mess great things up, I feel like it’s for the better.

Dance moves are always going in and out of trend, and the ones that you grew up with are probably long gone by now. With that being said, breakdancing is something that could stick around for a long time. It isn’t just one move, but a combination of many different moves brought into one single process. People love breakdancing because it not only looks amazing, but it’s tough to do as well. When you come across somebody who is very good at breakdancing, you have to wonder how much they’ve been practicing. You need to wonder how they got into it, as well as how they got started – it isn’t an easy thing to do and they know it!

You can start off slow and get into some simple moves, and then once you get stronger, you can try some of the more complicated stuff. Breakdancing does require a lot of strength, so you need to remember that before you get started. If you aren’t in the best shape, it might be better for you to gain some muscle first! You don’t need to be jacked in order ot breakdance, but it will help for those moves that require copious amounts of strength. That’s a lot of them, but some just require technique and quick movement. Regardless of how you are built (when it comes to your body), there are breakdance moves for you to learn on every single level.